Ukraine LIVE: ‘Radiation doesn’t need visa’: Russia issues direct nuclear threat to EU | World | News

The Russian Federation has levelled an extraordinary threat against the EU after the bloc agreed to suspend the visa travel deal with Moscow to curb the number of Russians able to go on holiday there. Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated: “I can see that the EU is now busy with a more important decision – whether or not to issue visas to Russians. But radiation doesn’t have a passport. It doesn’t need a visa to cross borders. If something happens at Zaporizhzhia, it will not be about visas, passports or borders. For some incomprehensible reason, the European Union is showing little concern about this matter. The liberal European regimes have made a lot of self-destructive and suicidal decisions. Perhaps this is another coin in the piggybank.”

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – the largest in Europe – has come under intense shelling from Russian forces, sparking fears of a nuclear disaster that would eclipse Chernobyl.

The Red Cross has warned that the consequences could be “catastrophic” and warned Russia to “stop playing with fire” as Kremlin forces attacked the nearby town of Energodar with mortars, automatic weapons and rockets.


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