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Journalist Richard Spencer discussed Ukrainian generals proclaiming that the Russian-occupied region of Kherson in Ukraine would be liberated, despite the assault starting in the last week of August. Mr Spencer claimed that Russia had a big army that had not been completely demoralised like some people were making out. The region which is now under Russian control has been turned into a brutal battlefield. The battle of Kherson is a crucial one, and it has been heating up this week as Ukraine fight to retake and hold the region.

Mr Spencer told Times Radio: “The message changes very dramatically from one day to the next, because one day he’s saying, you know, yes we’re going to Kherson and we’re going to liberate it.

“And you see some of the generals, I was just reading an interview with the general commanding this front for the Ukrainians.

“Who were saying that you know, Kherson will be liberated by the end of summer, where they only actually started the assault on Kherson in the last week in August.

“So now they’re saying would it be a long slow grind? So you know, you have to take everything people say with a pinch of salt.

“But you know the fact on the ground is the Russians have got a very big army, they’re not as demoralised as has been made out.

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Mr Spencer added: “I mean they’re still able to fight, they’re still you know have a lot of artillery.

“They may be losing a lot of men, but they’re not running away as yet.

“So it’s going to… They’ve got a lot of territories to retake the Ukrainians if they really do as they say, they want to.

“You know, reclaim all the territory in Ukraine, that is about a fifth of Ukraine is under Russian control.

“So you know, it’s not going to happen quickly.”

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Speaking to Sky News Dr Ford said: Ukrainian soldiers want to “isolate the Russians and force them into an annihilatory battle north of the Dnipro.”

Dr Ford added:  “Those losses in Kherson would be existential for Russia.

“So if they lose on the battlefield, the question is what will Vladimir Putin do?

“If the choice for him is between regime change in Russia or the use of nuclear or special weapons, my sense is he will do whatever it takes to stay in power. And that means a real threat of things escalating.”


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