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Video footage recorded by Ukraine’s 30th Mechanized Brigade destroying Russian armoured vehicles is yet to have the location verified. Sources have claimed the military footage was either taken in the East or South of the country, where lots of heavy fighting is continuing to take place. The video showed the accuracy and skill of the Ukrainian army, which managed to take out the tanks with one hit of heavy artillery. The war in Ukraine has been heating up this week as Ukrainian soldiers fight to retake occupied regions of their country, back from Russia.

The video shows a Russian armoured tank in a large unidentified field

Ukrainian troops locate the tank and begin to take aim, before launching and detonating a weapon that precisely hit the tanks with one shot.

The tank began to erupt with flames, as thick heavy smoke engulfed the first vehicle.

The second tank was hit by Ukrainian forces and left to burn in an open field, causing a thick black cloud of smoke to continue to rise out of the top of the vehicle.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video.

One user @RadoHunterius said: “I think it is antitank-mine it is clearly visible on the right side before blast, counterblast is consistent with mine, and after hit, mine disappears.”

@Dhakapete said: “Looks like an nlaw. downward charge hits BTR while missile body carries on.”

@Doha11545350 said: “Did we see the usage of TOW Anti-tank missiles?”

@Wilson121tovar said: “Glory to Ukraine.”

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Dr John Callahan told “I think that the scale of Russia’s losses is shockingly more than they ever expected, obviously.

“They thought it was going to be a three-day war. There are a couple of pieces of it.

“Of course, the Russians are not saying a damn thing and why would they?

“And so, our main source for information about this stuff is the Ukrainians, and they have a big interest in appearing to cause a lot of damage and to be strong.”


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