Australian man sent to morgue ‘still alive’ and ‘tried to get out of body bag’ | World | News

But the next day, the doctor reportedly observed the man with his eyes open and with fresh blood on his gown – appearing to suggest, the doctor surmised, that he had died after being taken to the morgue.

The doctor is said to have also noted that the body was lying differently to how staff had described it being placed, and the body bag was unzipped to some extent, suggesting he may have tried to get out of it.

The doctor reportedly told a coroner’s court: “I believe the fresh blood from a new skin tear, arm position, and eye signs were inconsistent with a person who was post-mortem on arrival at the morgue.”

Business News claimed they certified the death as being on September 6, but were later asked by hospital officials to backdate it to September 5.

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