Putin’s war is threatening Russian state’s existence as despot faces three risks at home | World | News

Professor Bryson remarked: “Governments, companies, non-governmental organisations and individuals no longer respect the institutions of the Russian state. Too often the institutions of the Russian state have demonstrated that they say one thing and do another.”

As Russia’s state authority appears to crumble, in cruel irony Putin’s horrific actions against Ukraine have advanced its standing as an independent nation in the eyes of the world by decades, making his recent annexation claims far less credible and far more dangerous.

Professor Bryson explained: “Statehood is based not just on a territory that is recognised under international law, but is also founded on a set of institutions that are respected by citizens and other states. Once the institutions of a state are no longer respected by its citizens, and by other countries, then that state ceases to be viable. There is an interesting paradox here.

“Putin’s attempt to integrate Ukrainian territory into Russia has been a fundamental driver in enhancing respect and recognition of Ukraine’s statehood. Ukrainian citizens have become more Ukrainian and countries across the globe, with some few exceptions, are engaging in activities that directly acknowledge the continued existence of the Ukrainian state. Ukraine is now much more of a state now than it was on February 21, 2022.”

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