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Kyiv’s troops increasingly believe that the tide of war is shifting in their favour and that Russian troops are running out of ammunition. In May troops from Ukraine’s 14th mechanised brigade were struggling to hold back advancing Russian forces in the Donbas

At the time Moscow’s forces were able to fire five or seven times more shells compared to their Ukrainian counterparts.

However last month these same troops were involved in the liberation of the Kharkiv region.

They have now crossed the strategically important Oskil river and are preparing for a battle to liberate the neighbouring Luhansk region.

Despite the initial failure to capture Kyiv in the early stages of the war Russian forces were able to gain territory, most notably the city of Mariupol.

After withdrawing its forces close to the Ukrainian capital and sending them to the eastern Donbas region Moscow was able to gain ground.

However the balance of power in the conflict now appears to have changed in Ukraine’s favour.

Russian forces were routed in the Kharkiv region in early September with survivors withdrawing behind the Oskil river in order to establish a new defensive line.

In theory this was a good move as the river was a natural obstacle between Ukrainian forces and the Luhansk region.

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David, a 24 year old History graduate, explained that the Russians had become less “brave” and had less ammunition.

He said:“The Russians are not like the Russians we were fighting on February 24.

“They’re not as brave.

“If before the Russians would dump everything to burn up a whole forest or field, now they are now being more sparing.

“They are trying to hit specific targets.

“When you see on the news that a Russian ammunition dump has been hit, about two days later they stop firing.”

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