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Over 30 inmates facing trial over the storming of the US Capitol building on January 6 2021 have begged to be transferred to the notorious prison camp in Cuba. They described the DC Central Detention facility as having a “medieval standards of living”.

The group also listed a range of concerns such as having to “beg” for water and medical aid and not being allowed visitors.

According to the inmates their laundry is returned with “brown stains, pubic hair and or reeking of ripe urine”.

There are also complaints about “black mold” and “worms” on the jails walls and in food.

In the letter the inmates complained about the lack of religious services, abuse by guards and vaccine requirements for accessing various services.

They also claim that they’ve lost their eyesight due to “malnourishment”.

The prison is notorious for having poor conditions with many complaints being lodged over the years.

Last year around 400 federal prisoners were transferred elsewhere after concerns about conditions were raised.

The detainees also argued that they had been subjected to critical race theory “propaganda ” and “racially biased information”.

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They added: “We hereby request to spend our precious and limited days, should the government continue to insist on holding us captive unconstitutionally as pre-trial detainees to be transferred and reside at Guantanamo Bay.”

In contrast they argue that Guantanamo Bay “actually provides nutritional meals, routine sunlight exposure, top notch medical care, is respectful of religious requirements, has centers for exercise/entertainment for its detainees despite the fact that those residents are malicious terrorists”.

Those who signed the seven page handwritten letter include David Dempsey and Ronald Sandlin.

Mr Dempsey is accused of using a chemical spray along with a crutch and a metal pole to attack police officers guarding the Capitol building.

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Mr Sandlin is accused of assaulting police on two separate occasions in the Capitol.

The violent protests and storming of the US Capitol building last year came as then US Vice President Mike Pence was confirming the result of the 2020 US Presidential election.

Former President Donald Trump initially refused to accept the result of the election won by Democrat Joe Biden, alleging voting fraud which critics argue encouraged the rioters.

The Guantanamo Bay prison was established in US controlled land in Cuba following the 2001 September 11 attacks to incarcerate terrorist suspects.

It has developed a reputation for illegal detention, torture and sexual abuse.

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