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Estonia PM Kaja Kalla has called on the West to not negotiate with “terrorist” Vladimir Putin as she believes “Ukraine must win” this ongoing war with Russia, a news report has claimed. Ms Kalla is among Europe’s voices against any appeasement of Vladimir Putin, who she calls a “terrorist” and a “criminal” who must face justice for war crimes in international courts.

Ms Kallas told The Telegraph in Prague, Czech Republic during a European summit: “Ukraine must win this war.”

During the summit, she renewed her demands for more sanctions on Moscow and more weapons for Kyiv.

Estonia was also one of the few nations to send arms to Kyiv before Putin’s illegal invasion on February 24.

Speaking about Putin’s move, the 45-year-old Estonian leader told the publication “Russia is terrorising us so that we will back away from our decisions,” referring to Putin’s threats of nuclear war.

She added: “When it comes to Putin then, of course he is a war criminal and must be prosecuted for the crimes of aggression he has committed.

“And you shouldn’t be negotiating with terrorists because it pays off for them.

“We will pay a higher price in the long term.”

The Estonian PM admitted that she is still “worried” that Ukraine could be pushed into “some premature peace that they are not really ready to go into” by Western allies.

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She told The Telegraph that the West had a “very different understanding” of what peace can mean to the former Iron Curtain countries.

She said: “For half of Europe, the end of the Second World War meant peace, meant prosperity.

“On the other side of Europe, peace meant atrocities, torture and mass deportations.”

As of August, Estonia has sent €250 million (£220 million) in military aid, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, anti-tank mines, grenade launchers, ammunition and vehicles to Kyiv.

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Ms Kallas said: “It is clear that Ukraine is dependent on our help. We are here in a small country of 1.3 million and looking to our warehouses – what more can we send?

“I believe that the bigger countries, that have much bigger warehouses, can also find something that they can give because the only way to stop this war is for Ukraine to win.

“The dictator only understands strength.

“These are the lessons we have learned from our history and what we are seeing unfolding right now.”

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